Welcome to Plant Sciences at Oxford

The Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford is one of the leading UK university departments dedicated to research and teaching in plant biology.

Fundamental Research

We have active research programmes in three interlinked areas under the theme 'Genes, Genetics & Genomics':

Translational Research

Implemented under the Plants for the 21st Century Institute (P21C), we have distinct programs on conservation, crops and trees. P21C is affiliated with the Oxford Martin School.


In conjunction with the Department of Zoology, an integrated undergraduate programme in biology is provided. The course provides a broad education covering topics from molecules to populations.

Herbaria and Botanic Garden

The department also houses the Oxford University Herbaria and has close links with the University of Oxford Botanic Garden.


The department has 28 academic staff and independent research fellows* and approximately 60 postdoctoral researchers and D. Phil. students supported by some 40 technicians and administrative staff.

* General information about opportunities to join our department as an independent research fellow can be found on our Independent Research Fellowships information page.

Petalloid monocot flower (Orchid)Arabidopsis thalianaFruiting bodies of saprophytic fungi