Prof. Miltos Tsiantis D. Phil
Professor of Plant Developmental Genetics

Wadham College


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Last Modified: April 2014

Prof. MS Tsiantis

Research Area

Comparative analysis of leaf development programmes

Research Description

We are interested in understanding the basis for the generation of different organismal forms. Angiosperm leaves offer an attractive opportunity to study morphological evolution as they demonstrate an enormous degree of phenotypic diversity. To study this problem we employ molecular genetic and comparative development approaches in plants with divergent leaf forms. Our aim is twofold, first to build a concrete picture of the genetic networks operating to sculpt angiosperm shoot form and second to understand how these networks are modified through evolution to result in the multitude of distinct leaf forms apparent in nature.

Systems of choice and approaches

To facilitate an in-depth and unbiased understanding of how the balance of conservation versus divergence of shoot development programmes results in morphological diversity of leaves, we developed the Arabidopsis thaliana relative Cardamine hirsuta into a model system for comparative development. Because C. hirsutais amenable to both forward and reverse genetics approaches, comparative studies between these two species greatly enrich our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms driving evolution of development. We hope that this approach, combined with phylogenetically informed studies across seed plants, will help understand what specific changes in gene regulatory networks underlie the evolution of plant form.

In order to enrich these comparative development projects, we are also interested in understanding the fundamental genetic pathways that control cell fate acquisition in plants. To this end, we have studied the delimitation of meristem and lateral organ domains at key stages of the plant life cycle. This work involves investigating the regulation and function of homedomain proteins of the HD-ZIP III and KNOTTED1-like classes.

Current projects

There are three interrelated areas of research in the lab:

  1. Development and genetics of leaf development in C. hirsuta
  2. Comparative analysis of seed plant leaves.
  3. Characterization of the developmental pathways defined by KNOTTED1-like and PHABULOSA homedomain proteins in A. thaliana

Graduate Programme

The lab participates in an interdisciplinary BBSRC funded D. Phil. programme in Genomes, Development and Evolution, run jointly by the Department of Zoology, Department of Plant Sciences and the Dunn School of Pathology. For more details see:


In spring 2010 the lab was awarded a prestigious HFSP programme grant to study evolution and diversity of leaf shape in an interdisciplinary project combining developmental genetics and computational modeling in collaboration with the lab of Prof. Premyslaw Prusinkiewitz at Calgary.

Tsiantis Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr Dana Vlad

Technical Support Staff
Mrs Pauline White

Research Technicians
Ms Zara Lewis
Ms Ester Rabbinowitsch

Publications (while at this department)

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We receive funding from the BBSRC, Royal Society, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the EU


Donovan Bailey, University of New Mexico
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, University of Calgary