(updated 7 Jan 2013)

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Citation: Filatov D.A., 2009, Processing and population genetic analysis of multigenic datasets with ProSeq3 software.Bioinformatics, 25: 3189-3190

ProSeq  is a Windows and Linux (on Mac Windows binary can run under emulator [e.g. wine]) program for handling and population genetic analysis of DNA polymorphism data collected from multiple genes. The program includes sequence/alignment editor and an internal relational database that simplify the preparation and manipulation of multigenic DNA polymorphism datasets. The most commonly used DNA polymorphism analyses implemented in ProSeq facilitate the work with large multigenic datasets. Extensive input/output options make ProSeq a convenient hub for sequence data processing and analysis.

The latest version 3.5 was specifically designed for preparation and handling of very large multigenic datasets and includes tools for processing high-throughput sequence data. It has been tested with up to 30000 genes.

With introduction of high-throughput sequencing the typical workflow for DNA polymorphism analysis now includes (i) generation of short read sequencing data for multiple individuals, usually using Solexa/Illumina machines; (ii) mapping short reads to a reference sequence; (iii) SNP calling for each sequenced individual; (iv) assembly of SNPs sequences from multiple individuals into a single multi-individual alignment; (v) phasing of SNPs (for diploid species); (vi) assignment of functional information (such as coding/non-coding positions); (vii) quality checking of the resulting datasets, (viii) conversion to various program-specific file formats; and, finally, (ix) the analysis of DNA polymorphism (and/or divergence). ProSeq v3.5, offers a set of user-friendly tools that significantly facilitates the steps (iv) to (ix) in this workflow.

Free download:

    ProSeq v3.5 for Windows;    ProSeq v 3 for Linux (new version 3.5 will be available shortly);

The program is completely free. "Demo" note on this picture appeared when I used a demo tool to produce this animated gif file.